Monday, August 15, 2011

Oh Me Oh My

So I haven't blogged for a while....Of course between work work and work....and broken computers I haven't had time! I miss my family and haven't seen much of them. All my grand kids probably think I abandoned them! All my pictures are not on my computers and will have to download them again.
I've seen my Grandson Jackson taken and brought back by his Meth using mother ....i've my Parents together for 60 years....Took 2 trips to the Zoo, and went to the summer games to watch my daughter play in 11 on 11 and 3 on 3 soccer. Took some awesome pictures of my Aunt Carolyn family.
Summer is almost over which is soooo depressing! I think I used my pool 8 times! I guess I will look forward to the holidays! School is up and not running so good. Had several air conditioning problems and light issues. My feet hurt and lunch is always a hard time on the first day. Haven't had any crying kids today! But I did have a lot of hugs! Yeah!
Well Kids I'm still here haven't died YET, Labor day party will be awesome!....

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Baby Shower Fun

Oh What a fun time we had with Danny's baby shower! This was the cake her friend made.....
She got a lot of really cute things she needed. I'm so happy I had the chance to give her a great day of Family, Friends, and Fun!

Friday, May 15, 2009

Mothers Day Is So Sweet!

A Family Affair.....
It is so nice to have a new house and big backyard to invite your kids and grandkids too!
The big welcome to the newest family member....
She is so beautiful!
So is Owen! A future model...
And Gwennie........
And Skylar....even with the tears...
Thank you to my kids for adding little special moments to my life!
Oh and these kids too!
Love you all!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, April 26, 2009

So Much Happening!

The last month and half have been so busy. Between soccer, little league, softball and all the practices in between, I feel haven't stopped. The moving in and decorating has been fun. We have had Easter family fun and egg hunt here and a few friend get together s. We got the two hot pink rooms painted, and decorated our room. Madison won a Sons of the Pioneers essay award, for writing about her Grandpa Lockwood.Grandpa was sure proud!

We found out we are having a grandson form Danny and Rob. Yeah!!!

Easter dinner was fun with the grandkids and cousins. Crazy kids!
And here is the family!
Dave and I walked the Relay for Life for his Mom. That was fun just to walk the track, early in the morning with my hubby.
And last but not least Lelah was born Friday at 3:35! 5 lbs 15oz and 19 and half inches long. She is so pretty. Jalee is doing good. I think she is happy to not be prego!
It doesn't seem like much but like I said it seems non-stop.
20 more days of school, and counting. Maybe then I can have a breather!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

What the Crap!!!

O.K. I cannot put any pictures up or make a comment on any blog except Jasons. Because there is no CODE letters anymore! AHHHHHH HELP!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Ah Moved in and Loving It!!

So we finally signed papers and moved into our new home. I have not been there much, because of work and running around, I feel so much like it is my home. We have spring break this next week so I will spend much needed time painting two rooms, unpacking, reorganizing and such.
I do want to thank all who helped. Rob my son in law, who's muscles helped a whole lot!!!! Danny who being prego help with the light boxes and support. My son Josh and his prego wife Jalee who was their in a pinch. Josh you rock in the pantry. Brycen and Maddie who carried as much as they could. All the ward members who came and offered there help in and out of the house. But most of all , My poor dear Hubby Dave who worked for days moving, sometimes by himself.
So sometime soon we will be having a few get togethers. So I will be excited to see all of you.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

A Day in The Life of a Custodian

Today was the first day that our new preschool was open. I was busy cleaning it up before the lil kiddies where to be there. The warehouse had not delivered any supplies, so I was using equipment and supplies from our school. I left there trying to get a hold of the warehouse for the order they were to have sent, and FIRE ALARM!!! Oh crap.......So I do my job which is to go to our panel to see where the fire is, and meet and greet the authorities. And all this in the drizzle of rain. Imagine about 650 kids and 40plus teachers and aides out on a wet, soggy field of dead Bermuda grass. Flash back to the Friday before, when they slurry sealed the asphalt they tore up and laid back down to put in power and phone lines to the preschool. Well the oil was not going into the asphalt as the typical oil would do. So due to rain, oil laid on top of the asphalt and got onto the bottom of fireman shoes who are now walking all over the tile in the gym and halls! Oh and the kids of course got it on the carpet in the classrooms.
Needless to say lunch was late and they had to serve chips instead of french fries! Oh my!
So cleaning our gym floor took me 2 hrs, with Madison's help.
In the mean time we have a teacher looking for me so they can tell me that someone dropped a log on the floor, AGAIN, in the boys bathroom. Looks like we have a serial pooper!
Oh and did I tell you it is SEP week we get out at 1:15 and I now have to unlock gates, in the rain! I get on my golf cart so I can stay alittle bit dry. Well thats when ...the golf cart dies on me! Right in the middle of our soccer field. So I call the office to ask them to call Mr. Quann dependable boys, to help me push the cart up a hill and back to my shed.
Now that I'm soaked and breathing quite hard, the bell has rung. Whew....And here comes my order for the pre school. Oh but it is only half my order, Where is the other half????? Well I guess that will be tomorrows task!
OH Crappy day, Oh crappy day,Oh crappy day.......